How Do I Join the ListServer?


Register For An MHCA.COM Account

If you are an employee at an MHCA member center and you wish to join or use any of the lists that are not RESTRICTED, you will need to first register for an MHCA.COM Account. When activated by your CEO, this account will allow you to access the ListServer Quick Access Page, from which you can Join or Use the various lists.

  NOTE:   Because the MHCA Discussion ListServer is a member benefit of MHCA, the general public is not invited to participate in any of our discussion lists. If you do not work for an active MHCA member center, your subscription requests will be denied.


Join List(s)

When you have an activated MHCA.COM Account, you can access the ListServer Quick Access Page at the following link. On that page is a directory of all lists offered by the ListServer, with a menu bar for each list with options for JOIN, LOGIN, SEND EMAIL, and WHO'S ON. Clicking on any green JOIN button will automatically subscribe you to that particular list, setting your list password to match your MHCA.COM Account password.

  1. Go to ListServer Quick Access Page.

  2. Scroll down the directory of available lists until you find one that you wish to join.

  3. Click on the button.

  4. Wait for an automatic welcome message for each list you join that will include your PASSWORD for each list.

  5. At this point, you can send a message by doing either of the following:

    • Send an email to the list using your computer's email software (i.e., Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc.)  as instructed in the welcome message.

    • LOGIN to the list using the menu bar on the ListServer Quick Access Page. Select "Create a New Message" from the list menu. In the New Message form, provide a subject in the Subject text box, then type your message in the Body text box, then click on "Send Message Now". This is similar to using web-based email like Yahoo or Hotmail to send directly from the ListServer, instead of going through your computer's email software.