Password Problems?

Having trouble logging into MEMBER Areas or accessing a page on our website?

The secure areas of our website are intended for MHCA members only. With our new security structure, everyone who wishes to access the restricted areas of our website will need an MHCA.COM account.


We continue to supply useful and valuable information to MHCA members through our website and discussion lists, and encourage all CEOs to provide access to these resources for their key personnel.

If you are an employee of an MHCA member organization, please register for an MHCA.COM account by clicking on the following link. Your account must then be activated by your CEO before you can access the MEMBER Areas. Your CEO will automatically be sent a notice of your registration. After your CEO has activated your account, you'll receive an automatic notification of your new account status.


If you already have an MHCA.COM account, but you can't remember your password, you can obtain an automatically generated Password Reminder by clicking on the following link. Simply enter your email address, click on "Submit", and a reminder will be sent to that email address.


If you wish to change any of your personal information, including your name, email address, job title, or password, you can visit your MHCA.COM Account Management page at the following link to do so:


If you are the CEO of an MHCA member center, and you wish to manage access for your employees, you can visit the following link: